Ultra Pro Billet Valve Covers

These precision machined billet valve covers are machined from billet 6061-T6 aircraft alloy. They begin life as one large hunk of aluminum and are machined down to their final shape. Most other solid billet valve covers tend to be quite heavy. The reason being is a thicker wall allows for faster material removal because of less tool chatter the down side of this is a heavy part. We go the extra mile taking light finishing cuts which result in impeccable surface finish and a lightweight part. Our valve covers also utilize a special steel bushing that protects the surface around the valve cover bolt holes from wear and over tightening. These bushings also eliminate the need for washers, which can potentially fall into the engine.

Ultra Pro Customization Service

Often engine installations require modifications to the valve covers please contact us for a quote.


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Part # Description Price
UPM-320 LS1/ LS6 w/ Coil Stands $699.00
UPM-321 LS1/ LS6 Flat Top w/ Oilers $699.00
UPM-322 LS1/ LS6 w/ Coil Stands, Oilers $799.00
UPM-323 LS1/ LS6 w/ Coil Stands, Oilers, 12AN & 8AN Bung $799.00
UPM-324 LS1/ LS6 w/ Coil Stands, 12AN & 8AN Bung $699.00
UPM-325 LS1/ LS6 Flat Top No Oilers $599.00
UPM-326 Dart LS 10 Degree, No Oilers $832.00
UPM-327 Mast Mozez Canted Valve LS $832.00
LS1/LS6 Valve Cover No Coil Stands
LS1/LS6 Valve Cover No Coil Stands
LS1/LS6 Billet Valve Cover With Coil Stands

Mast Mozez LS

LS1/LS6 With Coil Stands

Dart LS 10 Degree

Part # Description Price
UPM-337 13° 15° 16° Chevy, w/ Oilers $799.00
UPM-339 Brodix 10° SB Chevy, w/ Oilers $799.00
UPM-340 Chevy SB-2 Sprint Car Lightweight, No Oilers $799.00
UPM-343 Ford Windsor/ 302, w/ Oilers $899.00
UPM-345 Ford C3/ SC1, w/ Oilers $899.00
UPM-347 Ford D3 Canted Valve, w/ Oilers $899.00
UPM-349 Ford 9 Degree Billet, w/ Oilers $899.00
UPM-350 Dart 9 Degree Chevy, w/ Oilers $799.00
UPM-351 Edelbrock SC1 Ford, w/ Oilers $899.00
13/15/16 Degree Chevy Billet Valve Cover
Dart 9 Degree Chevy Billet Valve Cover

13°/15°/16° Chevy

Dart 9° Chevy

Brodix 10 Degree Chevy Billet Valve Cover

Brodix 10° SB Chevy

9 Degree Billet Ford Billet Valve Cover

Billet Ford 9°

D3 Ford Billet Valve Cover

D3 Canted Valve Ford

302 Windsor Ford Billet Valve Cover

302 Windsor

SB2 Chevy Billet Valve Cover

Chevy SB-2

C3/SC1 Ford Billet Valve Cover

C3/SC1 Ford