9 Degree Billet Chevrolet Heads

There are many good Chevrolet cylinder heads out there many of them available from Ultra Pro Machining. But with the success of our line of Billet Ford cylinder heads we just had to apply the same technology to a Chevrolet engine. Now after several months of development and dyno testing Don Losito has created a revolutionary package for Chevrolet engines, the 9 Degree Billet Chevrolet. Independent dyno testing and racing has show gains of 80+ horsepower over conventional 18-degree heads, improved throttle response and better drivability. Just like our Billet Ford line these heads are stronger, race longer, and will outperform any other cylinder head on the racetrack. These heads with their available port and valve sizes can be custom tailored to suit nearly any racing application from small cubic inch high rpm engines to big cubic inch dirt late model, offroad truck, and drag racing engines. These heads can even be used for the ultimate street engine. Get yours today before your competition does.

Block Use Any SBC (4.400 Bore Spacing)
Valve Angle 9° Parallel Valve
Intake Valve Diameter 2.200”, 2.230” Titanium Valves
Exhaust Valve Diameter 1.625" Titanium Valves
Chamber Volume 30cc to 52cc
Milling Approx. 0.0005" Per cc
Intake Port Volume 299cc
Intake Port Dimensions 2.245 x 1.440
Exhaust Port Volume 215cc
Exhaust Port Dimensions 1.725 x 1.645
Intake Gasket 0.039”, 0.047”, 0.060”, 0.094”, 0.125” , 0.188”
Exhaust Gasket Stahl or Conventional Chevrolet Pattern
Head Gasket Any 2.400" Bore SBC
Head Studs Available From ARP
Lifters Intake 0.150" Offset
Manifold 2 Piece Cast Manifold For 8.200" to 9.200" Deck Height
Pistons 9° Piston Available From Diamond Pistons and CP Pistons
Push Rods Clearance For 7/16" Pushrods
Rocker Arms Available From T&D Machine and Jesel Valvetrain
Spark Plug 3/4" Reach 14mm
Spring Pockets 1.625"
Valve Length 5.840"
Valve Stem Diameter 7mm to 11/32"
Valve Guides Maganese Bronze
Valve Seats Beryllium Copper or Ductile Iron
Valve Seat Angles 50° or 55°
Intake Valve Seat Dimensions 2.350" 0.500" Thick
Exhaust Valve Seat Dimensions 1.680" 0.500" Thick
Weight 36 Pounds
Lift (Inches) Intake (2.200") Exhaust (1.625")
.100 70.4 54.1
.200 153.3 102.7
.300 227.5 156.1
.400 300.3 209.2
.500 360.4 242.8
.600 406.3 265.7
.650 409.6 272.8
.700 421.0 278.7

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